Drink of Mollier

Just as ever study association, Mollier has its own association drink with some history behind.


The establishment party was held in Skybar at the top of the main building, because of the architectural design, the skybar was very hot. That was the beginning of the slogan: Richard maak hem koud, which means Richard Mollier make it cold. An couple of years later, the 6th board held a voting for a new association drink. With almost a tie between Jägermeister and Schrobbèler, Jägermeister won. Since then, the association drink became Jägermeister and was officially combined with the yell: Richard maak hem koud. Interesting is that Jägermeister is best served ice cold as suggested by its producer.

See the official website of Jägermeister and its Wikipedia.

Do you wanna taste Jägermeister? Please view this page for drink services to Mollier members.

Meister on Mars

Meister on MarsDuring the first Mollier cocktail party (with 18th board, on February 6, 2014) the cocktail of Mollier was elected. The contest was between Purple Passion and Meister on Mars. At the end of the night Meister on Mars won. During the next General Meeting of Members, there was some confusion about the elected Mollier cocktail. This was caused by the strong cocktail and bad memory of some members. During this GMM Meister on Mars was officially chosen as the cocktail of Mollier. Main reason is simple: If Mollier has a cocktail, there must be Jägermeister in it, so it shall be!