Recap: Lunch Lecture #3

On the 11th of January we had the third lunch lecture of the academic year, with guest speakers from Kuijpers. Kuijpers is an installation company that does the design, development, maintenance and also the exploitation, so basically the whole building chain.

Wouter Flach, corporate recruiter, started the presentation with an introduction of the company. He talked about Kuijpers being a family company and that the current management already is the fourth generation of the family. Kuijpers employs more than 1000 people situated in 12 locations across the Netherlands, of which most of them are in the south. Some people might also know Kuijpers from the great excursion they arranged to the Hermitage and Hortus in Amsterdam, which took place on the 7th of December. The recap of this excursion can be read here.

After the introduction, Paul Molenaar from Kuijpers ‘Specialistische Oplossingen BV’, who is also an old Mollier member, talked about his experience at Kuijpers. Paul did his graduation project about the ventilation efficiency improvement in pharmaceutical cleanrooms for energy demand reduction, and now works on similar projects. He also discussed the current connection with Building Physics and Services and the work environment. He missed some basic knowledge but Kuijpers happily provided him with additional schooling and therefore it did not became a problem. He also explained the current divisions Kuijpers has, and what kind of graduation projects are possible at each division:

  • Controlled Environments -> Cleanrooms
  • Ecopartners -> Durable energy
  • Demotica (Gebouw automatisering) -> Smart buildings
  • Security systems and sprinklers (beveiligingsystemen/sprinklers) -> Fire safety
  • Measuring and control engineering (Meet & Regel) -> Simulink
  • Information management (Informatie management) ->BIM

We want to thank the speakers for sharing their thoughts and experiences with us.

For our members that want to read the lecture slides again or that unfortunately missed the lunch lecture, the presentation can viewed here.

Excursion Peutz

On Monday February 5th, Mollier will go to Molenhoek to visit Peutz. More information about this excursion can be found here.

Lunch Lecture #3: Kuijpers

On the 11th of January, the company Kuijpers will visit us to present an interesting topic. More information can be found here.

Happy Holidays!

The 22nd board of Mollier wishes everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We hope you enjoy the holidays and we are looking forward to making 2018 another great year for Mollier!

Recap: Sinterkerst Drink

On the 13th of December, Sinterklaas came back from Spain to organize a drink with Santa Claus and Mollier in the SkyBar. Many members came for the pepernoten, the beers and of course the gezelligheid. We all think it was a lot of fun, so we thank Sinterklaas and Santa and hope they will again organize a drink next year!

Escape Room Battle

On January 18th, Mollier members can try to beat both the clock and each other in an exciting escape room battle! More information can be found here.

Recap: Lunch Lecture #2

On the 6th of December we had the second lunch lecture of the academic year, with guest speakers from Voort and Strukton Worksphere. Voort is a secondment company and is called Voort since September 2016, after the merging of KP&T and TRACÉ. Strukton Worksphere is a contractor focused on installation projects, management and maintenance.

Rob Daams, manager technical support & consultancy at Strukton Worksphere, started with an introduction of the company. Harry Hofman, director circular materials at GBN Group (part of Strukton) provided an interesting lecture about the possibilities of circularity. As a proven example, the ‘Green House’ situated in Utrecht was further elaborated. The Green House opens in March 2018 and might be one of the next excursions of Mollier! It was designed to stay at the same location for 15 years and afterwards it can easily be relocated without losing too much of its initial value. Even the foundation can be reused.

Deborah Dielis, consultant installation technology at Voort, started with an introduction of the company and explained what Voort as a secondment company can provide for you. Koop-Pieter Ziel, project Engineer at Sweegers en de Bruijn and old board member of Mollier (20th board) talked about his journey to find a job with the help of Voort and explained that using a secondment company to find your job will not cost you any money and will result in a job that best suits you. Finally Sam Beckers, recruiter building and installations, who just started at Voort and who will be the new contact person for the students of Mollier, elaborated the options of a TVVL education program.

We want to thank the speakers for sharing their thoughts and experiences with us.

For our members that want to read the lecture slides again or that unfortunately missed the lunch lecture, you can send an email to to receive the presentation(s).

Recap: Excursion Hermitage & Hortus

Last Thursday, fifteen Mollier members went on an excursion to the Hermitage in Amsterdam. After spending some time in traffic, we arrived at the Hermitage. With some coffee, tea and cookies we got a warm welcome by Wouter Flach of Kuijpers in one of the presentation rooms.

Sebastiaan Lagendaal, head of Facilities and Safety at the Hermitage, told us about the project “Tussen Kunst en Kas”, meaning “between art and greenhouse”. In this project, they connected the Hermitage to the Hortus Botanicus. He explained us that an ATES was installed in the Hermitage. This is an Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage and it is used to store energy underground in the form of warm or cold water. However the ATES installation of the Hermitage had a heat surplus. For this, a solution had to be found, which came from the botanical garden Hortus Botanicus. The greenhouses of the botanical garden require a lot of heat and the used installations were pretty old and needed renovation. It took some time and a lot of effort, but eventually 450 meter long pipes were placed between the two sites. The heat surplus of the Hermitage is now being transported at 16-17 degrees Celsius to the Hortus, where the temperature is being raised by a heat pump to 55 degrees Celsius. The resulting cool water from the Hortus is being returned to the Hermitage to cool the exhibition halls. This way both sites profit of the arrangement.

After hearing the process of making this all possible, we got a tour around the project. First we walked through the attic of the Hermitage and could see the ducts of the exhibition rooms towards the installation room, where the real art happens. As it takes some time for an ATES system to run fully optimized, we could see that they were still busy adjusting the systems to make sure it is as energy efficient as possible. We then walked towards the Hortus, following the same route as the pipes that connected both sites. Here we could the see the installation used for heating the water and delivering it to the greenhouses, together with the back-up heating system. Back at the Hermitage we had a delicious lunch, after which everyone could go their own way.

We would like to thank Kuijpers and the Hermitage for showing us this interesting and daring project.

Sinterkerst Drink

Mollier is celebrating the holidays with a Sinterkerst drink on the 13th of December. More information can be found here.