Sinterklaas visits Mollier

Last night, Sinterklaas also visited the Vertigo building and made a stop at floor 2 to put something in the shoes of our members. It looks like all our members were nice this year, since everybody received a small gift from Sinterklaas.

For those who left their shoe at the Mollier desk yesterday, drop by at floor 2 to get your present.

Lunch Lecture #2: Voort & Strukton

On the 6th of December, the companies Voort and Strukton Worksphere will visit us to present some interesting topics. More information can be found here.

Recap: Start Activity

The weekend of the 24th until the 26th of November was the weekend 23 people were waiting for. Friday afternoon we drove to the south with six cars, to a village called Bérisménil. This small village is located in the Ardennes. Here we had a nice dinner of macaroni with a bit too little Bolognese sauce.  Afterwards, everybody was free to play games, chat and drink some beers.

The next day started with an optional hike, which almost everybody participated in. Although the hills in the Ardennes are not that high, the 10 kilometer walk definitely had some rough parts. After the stroll, we had lunch (with knakworst and tosti’s!) and went on our way to the next activity: building a bridge. We were divided in two groups and each group had a different part of the river for their creation. After 75 minutes, the time was up and one group did indeed succeed to build a functional bridge out of the provided materials. The evening was spent at the house, with a Mexican style dinner consisting of nachos, wraps and tacos. Afterwards there was even hot chocolate. That night, games were played, movies were watched and beer was drunk.

The next day, after breakfast with scrambled eggs, the house was cleaned and the bags were packed as this was the day we would leave Belgium and go to Eindhoven again. However, there was still one activity planned before we went home: a visit to the La Chouffe brewery. Here we had a nice presentation about the history of the brewery, the brewing process and of course we had the opportunity to taste some beers. When the beers were finished, the group went on its way back to the north, with a quick stop at McDonald’s for a late lunch.

We would like to thank everyone for making this weekend Mollier-worthy and we hope to see you all at the next activity!

Recap: Lunch Lecture #1

On the 15th of November we had the first lunch lecture of this academic year, with guest speakers coming from Van Hout and Arcadis. Van Hout is an installation and advising company situated in Veldhoven and Arcadis is one of the leading global design and consultancy firms for natural and built assets.

Jan van Hout, director of Van Hout, provided an interesting lecture about how they implement several installation and energy efficient applications in a way that it is clear for the customer. It is important to know who the customer is and what that person needs to know. What is the best choice and what costs can they expect? As an example he discussed a project at Strijp in Eindhoven where they renovated a 40.000 m2 area with an industrial function.

The second speaker was Victor Pastoor, senior consultant buildings for Arcadis, and he talked about how to use consultancy skills. Being a consultant is not only about having knowledge, as one should also know how to implement soft skills such as personality competences, communication skills and consultancy strategies. A lot of students and young engineers underestimate these skills, while they are essential for a successful career.

We want to thank the speakers for sharing their thoughts and experiences with us, as it inspires our future decisions.

For our members that want to read the lecture slides again or that unfortunately missed the lunch lecture, you can send an email to to receive the presentation(s).

Richard’s Pool Night

On November 14th, Mollier invites all its members to come and play some pool! Do you think that sounds like fun? You can sign up here.

Excursion Kuijpers: Amsterdam

In collaboration with Kuijpers, Mollier is organizing an excursion to Amsterdam on the 7th of December. We will visit the Hermitage and the Hortus, two buildings that are connected by a thermal storage system. The Hermitage was renovated by Kuijpers in 2009. The building needed more cooling than heating, so the excess heat is deployed in the Hortus, a botanical garden that needs a lot of heat to maintain the subtropical climate. Because of the 400 meter distance between these two buildings, this is a very interesting project. The control system is extraordinary as well, because the two climates are so different from each other but they are both controlled by the same system.

For more information about the program and to sign up, visit this page.

Lunch Lecture #1: Van Hout & Arcadis

On the 15th of November, the companies Van Hout and Arcadis will visit us to present some interesting topics. More information can be found here.

Study Trip 2018: Chicago

Next study trip, Mollier will be going to Chicago, USA! For more information and signing up, go to this page.

Recap: Vertigo Tour

This afternoon, Mollier helped to organize a tour through the Vertigo building for Bachelor’s students that are following a course related to building physics and services. The tour started in the basement of Vertigo and ended at the rooftop, showing the air handling units and other building systems along the way. We were glad to see that the students were interested in the way the systems were structured and how the climate inside the Vertigo building is regulated. Hopefully this encourages them to get their Master’s degree at the unit Building Physics and Services and of course to join Mollier.

Mollier Pizza/Movie Night

On the 19th of October, Mollier is organizing a Halloween movie night. And what is a movie night without pizza? If you want to join (and of course you want to), more information can be found here.