Recap: Vertigo Tour

This afternoon, Mollier helped to organize a tour through the Vertigo building for Bachelor’s students that are following a course related to building physics and services. The tour started in the basement of Vertigo and ended at the rooftop, showing the air handling units and other building systems along the way. We were glad to see that the students were interested in the way the systems were structured and how the climate inside the Vertigo building is regulated. Hopefully this encourages them to get their Master’s degree at the unit Building Physics and Services and of course to join Mollier.

Recap Job application training

The 30th of March Mollier organised the annual Job application training together with Voort. Deborah Dielis and Luuk Peeters took us on a trip of two hours, talking about the process of getting a job. Several issues were discussed with the participants. What are the right questions at the right moment? How do you make certain you’re invited? and of course, Tips and tricks for your LinkedIn account and CV.

We want to thank Deborah and Luuk for their insights. We enjoyed this informative afternoon very well!

Recap Crash Course RETScreen – Van Hout

Yesterday afternoon, a Crash Course was given by Van Hout explaining the benefits and use of the program RETScreen. Koen van Heeswijk (van Hout) first gave a short introduction about the company, how they use RETScreen and implemented the program in their projects. After this introduction, Joop Neinders (IBTH B.V.) gave an explanation of RETScreen and why this tool is such a valuable asset in the early stage of a project.

After all this theory about Net Present Value, Cashflow, Return On Investment and a lot of other financial parameters, we went hands-on with a case-study in RETScreen ourselves. A simple case of implementing PV panels on a dwelling appeared to be more complex to get it financially viable. This simple case gave us an insight in what some financial parameters can do with the viability of a project.

We would like to thank Koen van Heeswijk, Joop Neinders and Sander ter Mors for the Crash Course on RETScreen!

Crash Course RETScreen Van Hout adviseurs en installateurs

On the 14th of March, Van Hout adviseurs en installateurs, will provide a crash course on RETScreen.

RETScreen is a Clean Energy Management Software system for energy efficiency, renewable energy and cogeneration project feasibility analysis as well as ongoing energy performance analysis.

RETScreen empowers professionals and decision-makers to rapidly identify, assess and optimize the technical and financial viability of potential clean energy projects.

If you are interested in this tool, don’t hesitate, join the crash course and subscribe here

Here you can also find the free download link to RETScreen!

Recap Meet & Greet 2017

We are looking back at a great event. Master students in all phases of the master attended the event and this year, 16 of our partners were present, which is the biggest amount of companies ever present at our annual Meet & Greet.

The event started with a pitch session. All company representatives introduced their company to the public in a Pitch of 2,5 minutes. After half an hour the introduction was over and the Meet & Greet could start. The first couple of minutes the students were a bit reluctant, but after the first daredevils introduced themselves to company representatives, many followed. In no time, lots of interaction was visible which lasted until the end of the afternoon.

Also, the committee received lots of positive reactions. It was a useful, informative and sociable event. We’re proud to call the event a success! On behalf of the committee, I want to thank all the company representatives, I want to thank all the master students that attended the Meet & Greet and of course, I want to thank the committee itself for the great organisation. We had a great time.

Recap of Mollier @ JPV Business Festival 2017

Thank you all for joining us on ‘Jong Professionals Verenigd Business Festival 2017’ organized by TVVL!

The morning started early as the festival kick-off was around 08:00. This kick-off keynote speech was held by Thomas Rau, talking about the Universal Rights of Materials. An interesting conversation where the use of materials in our current society was evaluated and how this could/should change in the future.

Throughout the rest of the day, several other speakers talked about the implementation of big data for Strukton, the use of virtual reality in the built environment, the future and challenges of social robots and many other interesting and thoughtful subjects.

Parallel to these presentations, there was also the possibility to drive in a F1 simulator, experience virtual reality with the Microsoft Hololens and the Oculus Rift, make your own electronical battery eater in the form of a dog or just chatting with likeminded people.

The day ended with keynote speaker Martijn Aslander, stand-up philosopher and creative mind. A talk about using no money to get things done, avoiding bureaucracy and organizing things faster and more efficient. In the end, our own David went home with a signed copy of Thomas Rau`s book for the best question asked.

We as Mollier enjoyed the event a lot and hope to see you all at the next event!

Meet & Greet

The 7th of February Mollier’s Meet & Greet will take place! All Mollier members are invited to meet our sponsors in an informal setting. The goal of the Meet & Greet is that students can gain information about the companies and possibilities for jobs, internships, (graduation-)projects, etc.

We will start the event with a general pitch session. The companies will give a pitch of 2.5 minutes each, to introduce themselves. Afterwards, everybody can drink, eat and talk to companies of their interest.

Of course, the drinks and snacks are free! The committee wishes you an interesting evening and a productive talk!

See you there!

No sign-up necessary.


Dear Colleaques,

The INHOUSE DAYS of Arcadis are only a couple of weeks away. The registration will close the 23th of November. So if you are interested than be fast! You can register at