Escape Room Battle

On January 18th, Mollier members can try to beat both the clock and each other in an exciting escape room battle! More information can be found here.

Sinterkerst Drink

Mollier is celebrating the holidays with a Sinterkerst drink on the 13th of December. More information can be found here.

Richard’s Pool Night

On November 14th, Mollier invites all its members to come and play some pool! Do you think that sounds like fun? You can sign up here.

Mollier Pizza/Movie Night

On the 19th of October, Mollier is organizing a Halloween movie night. And what is a movie night without pizza? If you want to join (and of course you want to), more information can be found here.

Recap: ‘Meet The Board’ Drink

Last Wednesday everyone from Mollier was invited to drink with the new board, to wish them luck, to talk to other members of the association and of course to have some free drinks. We are proud to say a big delegation of new Building Physics and Services students came to this first drink of the academic year and of course there were also some old faces. Looking at this drink, the prediction is that this will be another good year for s.v.b.p.s. Mollier with many activities already planned.

‘Meet The Board’ Drink

We want to welcome you to drink with the new board on the 4th of October! Drinks are on Mollier so be there. More information can be found here.

Beertasting Recap

Oh boy….Mollier went beertasting again. We can look back at another amazing edition of Beertasting. Our vedettes Jelle and Dennis have outdone themselves organising this event. The two special beer tours were refined and exquisite as one would expect of a Mollier beertour. Marissa`s headquarter was packed with many Mollier faces who were put to the test literally. Their knowledge of Mollier was tested via an awesome Mollier Quiz, which was ultimately won by our former Treasurer. Congratulations Wies!

The 21st board would like to thank everybody for coming and look forward to see you tomorrow during lunchbreak at 5H.12! We have invited Valstar Simonis and Fellowship Fire Safety Engineering for a lunch lecture.


Beer tasting 2.0

We all know Mollier members like to enjoy the finer things in life, especially a “kleintje af” after a hard day of studying. After the tremendous success of last years the beer tasting and countless requests for a sequel we are proud to present the Beer tasting event 2.0! Already known for its superb quality selection of beers, fine selection of amuses and a brain cracking quiz we thought we did not have to introduce the event further, however for those who were living under a rock;

During the Beer Tasting event you can and will enjoy at least 5 beers and matching amuses. During the event the participants will receive a quiz with questions about Mollier, the members of Mollier and of course beer. A huge prize will be waiting for the winner of the quiz so it would be wise to get your facts straight about your loving study association and (if you have not done it already) the finer crafted beers. You will have a choice between 2 packages which have a different variety of beers, Kriek beers are not included in the packages but they can be added on request.

Date: 18th of May

Start event: 20:00

Costs: € 5,-

Other drinks will be available for the normal price of €0,50.

Register now (open until the 5th of May).

Fun activity #3 – Richard`s Paintball

Get hard in the paint, because Mollier is going to paintball. Join us on this awesome funactivity and best of all: It`s free for our members! There are only 20 slots available! Login and Sign up via the event link in the activity calender,


Cocktailparty 4.0! Thank you for being there!

Last thursday the time for the cocktailparty was there ! A lot of people showed up and we had a great time enjoying the lovely cocktails, the cake, pinatas and the candy.

The cocktailparty committee would like to thank you for coming, it was a great party!

Our next event is the lunchlecture of Nelissen and Kuijpers on the 7th of March. Hope to see you all there!