Day 10, Malaysia

Unfortunately, today was the last day of our studytrip. A last visit to a company called ARUP was planned. ARUP is an international company specialized in mechanical, structural, civil and geotechnical engineering. ARUP aims on creating environments that are comfortable for occupants, economic for owners and efficient with resources. With 90 offices in 35 countries and 10000 planners, designers, engineers and consultants they are truly global focused.


Day 9, Malaysia

After a short night celebrating Kings day and waking up at just the right time we left the guesthouse to take a train trip to Kepong Sentral where the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM in short) is situated. FRIM is located in the north of Kuala Lumpur and is the largest secondary forest, which means that the forest has had a second life after being destroyed for the tin mining industry. FRIM is nowadays used for research into animals and plants. It is open for public as a living museum or for taking the climb to the most popular of four routes, the Canopy Walk.


Kingsday Malaysia

Day 8, Malaysia

City tour

The beginning of day 10 was a hard one again. At 9 o’clock we started with the city tour through Kuala Lumpur, where we have seen all the beautiful places in the city and got to know how Kuala Lumpur has became the city that it is nowadays.

The first stop was at the National history museum, where we became awake. After about 40 minutes we went to the next spot, the National mosque. We could enter the mosque, by changing our western clothing for a muslims robe. The result you can see in the picture below.

After this we went to the palace of the king. We couldn’t see a lot of the palace because of the distance, so we enjoyed ourselves by taking pictures of the guards, which were sitting on a horse, which was trying to stand still. (more…)

Day 7, Malaysia

After a good night of sleep in our comfortable double bedrooms we woke up to day 7 of our study trip with (somewhat) renewed energy. Today we visited the ST Diamond building in the new city of Putrajaya, which has specially been founded to house Malayan government buildings. At present, 95% of all government buildings are found here. Imagine the view of a brand new, clean and structured city filled with large buildings, we could not help to think about Singapore. One could say Malaysia is creating it’s own little Singapore here.

One of the buildings in the city of Putrajaya is the ST Diamond building we visited this morning. It is designed by IEN consultants, a consulting company which specializes in so-called green buildings and strife to keep the building process low carbon. Charles Loo, employee of IEN consultants, was so kind to show us around and give a presentation about the sustainable aspects of the building. The ST Diamond building achieved GBI platinum and GreenMark platinum ratings and has been awarded a second place ASHRAE technology award


Day 6, Malaysia

After a long and chaotic bus trip, the train ride started with a delay of thirty minutes. Everyone was really tired and burned up and was looking for a good night sleep in the bumpy night train. The train had bunk beds and was old but (relatively) clean. We soon noticed that the length of the beds were designed for Asian people and definitely not for Europeans. Therefore creative bed poses were invented, such as laying the feet out of the bed in the corridor. After  a surprisingly good night of sleep and a delay of two hours, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur.