Day 13

By Stefan and Silvie,

After a short sleep, we felt it was necessary to sleep as long as possible. Except for one group, who still had to do some measurements. However, that group was the lucky one, because the showers were still hot. When the rest woke up and wanted to take a shower, there was once again a power blackout. This cold shower, or not even a shower at all, caused quite a bit grumpy faces at breakfast. Luckily the weather was good and we decided to spend our last few hours in Sao Paulo, and Brazil, in the city.

One part of the group went to the Ibirapuera park. It is said to be one of the top ten places you need to visit (more…)

Day 12

By Riccardo and Joshua,

After many days of getting up early, we have a day that we finally could stay an hour longer in bed. A city tour was planned. First stop, Pinacoteca do estado / parque de luz. In the museum an exhibition was held with many different art styles. Well we are not experts, but we knew to tell good stories about each painting. Unfortunately, the raining season came looking around the corner and kept us to explore the park and possibly spot a parrot or two. After everyone had become fully awake with a cup of coffee and we robbed (more…)

Day 11

By Gerton & Wies.
The alarm rang also this time early for making sure we could leave the hostel at 8 o’clock. As real Dutch the still sleepy group arrived at headquarters of Sustentech before the meeting time. We were directed to a small eight person meeting room. Some chairs were taken from the office to obtain more seats, still some had to sit in the window or on the small closet. (more…)

Day 10

By Hanneke and Babette

Due to privacy, the names in this article are censored. This article is based on a true story and actual events.

Thursday the 19th of May started with a game of Mariokart inside the hostel at 00:00am, whilst drinking a homemade caipirinha. Heineken was not allowed to join this game due to the fact that she had gained experience in taxidriving in Rio de Janeiro. This LimeTime personnel closes the bar at 00:00am so 8 pioneers decided to fulfill the heavy duty of discovering the nightlife of Sao Paulo. (more…)

Day 9

By Stijn and Wouter K

During sunset all participants are resting peacefully on one ear. So the hostel was peaceful and quiet. At 8:05 hell breaks loose. Alarms are ringing the bedrooms. Bags are stuffed with dirty laundry, toiletries and other necessary attributes needed to survive in the jungle. Today we will arrive at Sao Paulo, the financial heart of the Brazilian economy. Before the trip is going to start, bags and suitcases are loaded on a jeep. Our stay in this village taught us that the streets made of cobblestones make it almost impossible to transport the luggage to the bus station by foot. (more…)