Day 13 – Study Trip South Korea

-Written by Marissa Vos & Aleksandra Zarzycka-

Unfortunately the study trip has come to an end. At 10am we have departed the hostel, accompanied by the owner and some of the employees. After the final photo has been taken, the 20h travel has begun . With a short stop in Frankfurt where Diyako and Gerton were checked for explosives and measuring equipment has been submitted to numerous tests, we have arrived to Amsterdam. Low on energy, full of a positive, after-trip vibe :)
Throughout the trip more than 170km have been walked, 160 bottle of Soju have been drinked and too many group pictures have been taken.


Day 12 – Study Trip South Korea

-Written by Nick TenBült & Marjolijn Benen-

With one day to go, everyone except for Keven got up at 04.00am, after spending the night at the Myogaksa temple. At 04.50am, while wearing our uniforms again, we all gathered to ring the big bell. A couple of people could already feel the 108 prostrations from the previous day when they walked up the steps to the bell. At 05.00am exactly, the bell was rung 28 times. This number is for the 28 levels of hell and to honour the ones that passed away. Under supervision and in groups of five, we rang the bell. *continues after image



Day 11 – Study Trip South Korea

-Written by Gerton van Middendorp & Wesley van der Sommen-

Today is the day everyone was “looking forward” to: the temple stay. We went to the Myogaksa temple in the north of Seoul to do a traditional temple stay. Because we had to leave the hostel for a day, everyone had to pack their bags and get ready to leave. Maybe going out last night wasn’t a great idea..

Upon arrival we changed into traditional clothing and we were requested to go to the main hall for the introduction. A story was told about a buddha who saw a lot of poorness, pain and injustice all around him. He decided to gain control of his body and mind by withstanding himself from 3 ‘poisons’ of the soul: Desires, anger and ignorance. The 5 desires are: money, food, sleep, love and power. When you cant withstand the urge of any of the sins, anger comes into your mind and ‘poisons’ you. After the prince changed his life and could withstand his urges, he got an enlightment and got a “buddha mind”.


Day 10 – Study Trip South Korea

–  Written by Lennert Evers & Marc Tavenier-

In the morning we got breakfast in two groups: one group was leaving half an hour earlier for measuring at the Yonsei University and the other group left later to be right on time. After a 30 minute walk through some small streets, we arrived. We were greeted with some beverages and the presentations started. There were 4 presentations from us and 4 from them about several projects. The topics that the students of Yonsei University presented are mostly related to indoor comfort in offices and cars. After the presentations we had a typical Korean lunch provided by the university. When we were full, we went to check out the climate chamber and a testing car on the roof. After some group pictures the university tour started. We were guided around campus and saw that our campus could learn a thing or two from theirs when it comes to big buildings and beautiful greenery. The students were kind enough to lead us to the busses and tell us which bus to use to go to the city hall: a beautiful, new building at which we were greeted with some coffee.

The presentation that the Seoul metropolitan government gave was about their plan to decrease nuclear power plants
and increasing sustainable energy sources by, for instance, increasing solar energy, using waste as resources and making buildings more energy efficient. When the presentation was done, we all had free time. We checked out the metropolitan government building and after
that we split up to either get souvenirs, go to Dongdaemun Plaza, and of course get something to eat.
At about 10pm we met up at the hostel to get a drink and go to the club to show our dance moves.

We had a great night and went to bed early of course ;)

Day 9 Studytrip South Korea

-Written by Jantje Edelbroek & Lara Quaas-

We got up relatively early again this day and traveled to the famous Gangnam district to visit the architect and design office of Planning Korea. We were warmly welcomed with a cup of coffee and tea which was very useful after a short night of sleep.

Planning Korea is a company with a modern approach, taking into account not only the esthetics but also the sustainability and the profit in terms of increasing the value of the building for the owner and the surroundings of the building. The architects draw their inspiration from art and nature which was visible in the large number of projects. In general, the main scopes of the designs are:

  1. Profit for citizens & the country
    2. Create an example with no examples
    3. Leave a legacy for next generation

This company participated in several design competitions and won several prices with their designs. For instance Seoul Culti Polis – Farming City, which brings together different functions in one building.

As the cherry on top, we had the honor to meet the chairman of Planning Korea and take a peak in his office. Eventhough, this man is a very successful architect, he was very humble and happy with the gifts from the Netherlands the committee offered him.

After this interesting morning, everybody had some free time to buy some souvenirs and eat dinner. Eventually, we closed the day with an interesting game of werewolves again.

– written by Jantje and Lara-