Study association Mollier is obligated to represent the interest of its members. The commissioner of education is responsible for the education. He or she is part of several education meetings, in which problems regarding education are reported and solved.

Do you have comments or complaints about a certain course, teacher, study information, project supervision, etc.? You can send your comment or complaint to, use this form or visit us at our office  (Vertigo, floor 2).

Besides solving problems, Mollier provides education information for members’ reference. To get education information related to you, please click one of the following links:

Your statusWhat we provide
Master studentInformation about the master track Building Physics and Services (BPS) in the master program Architecture, Building and Planning.
Unavailable currentlyInformation about a good transition from Bachelor College to the master track BPS.
Unavailable currentlyInformation about the transition program for HBO diploma holders.
International studentInformation for international students coming outside Netherlands.