Study Trip Chicago day 6

The day started with quite a long travel (and with some hangovers) to Writers Theatre. The trip went a lot smoother than planned, so we arrived an hour early. This gave us the opportunity to have a coffee break (which some people really needed to wake up…). After our coffee break we met with Jon Farris, the managing director, atthe Theatre. Regina, a friend of Marjolijn, helped us arrange the tour because she works at the theatre and decided to join us for the tour as well. Jon explained all about the structure, building physics and architecture behind their building. The theatre started in an old library not too far from where the theatre is now, but after outgrowing their previous buildings two times, they decided to have a fundraising and built the building we visited today. The theatre looks very modern and has two theatre halls. The construction of the theatre consists of wood, precast concrete. The sidewalk around the auditorium has a very interesting wooden structure made out of small beams to hold it up.  We visited the big theatre hall with 250 seats. It has an interesting panel system installed on the ceiling to make sure the sound on stage will always reach your ears. During construction of the theatre they used almost 80% of the materials of the old building. This was clearly visible in this theatre hall as well in the surrounding stone walls. The small theatre hall could entertain 100 people. Here they used two types of panels on opposites sides in the walls (a reflective and absorbing panel) to get good acoustics. After looking at the installations and the backstage area we ended the tour in the rehearsal room. The same panels were used as in the small theatre hall but alternately. The visit was very interesting and we enjoyed it very much.

After some free time where people went to the Target store or relaxed at a bar, we had a nice group dinner and went to a Baseball game of the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. We watched the game with 37.333 local people, almost all dressed in the blue Cubs clothes so we were a bit underdressed (except for Ola). We participated in the dances, yells and even the wave, almost as enthusiastic as the American crowd around us. After 2 hours and 48 minutes and 3 homeruns, the Cubs won (2-14)!

After the game it was time to get back to the hostel. Of course, the train was pretty busy directly after the game, but when we finally got back to the hostel we enjoyed a quiet night.

– Written by Marjolijn en Margo –

Study Trip Chicago day 5

Another beautiful day started in Chicago for the study trip of Mollier. The sun shined high in the sky and the day started a bit late today due to some going-outness. No company or university visit today, because it’s a Sunday.

We left for the Museum of Science and Industry at 10:15. After a metro and bus ride of about an hour, we arrived there and got going in smaller groups. The most surprise thing for all the group was a 20m high tornado you could interfere with. This was not the only unexpectedly exciting there: a Tesla coil, real-size planes, a submarine, a crazy mirror maze and more were there. The museum closed at 16:00, a little earlier than expected for some of the groups, so each of them planned different thing to do.

The day continues with a free evening for each group. Some went to do some shopping, others continued to visit the city and enjoy the sun and other reached the Buckingham Fountain and enjoyed the landscape.

Suddenly, the evening arrived, that means times for dinner. Some went to Vapiano and enjoyed some plates of pasta and pizza, while others continued going around the city and have no dinner at all due to a late big lunch.

Everybody met in the common room of the hostel and enjoyed the good company. Nobody went out due to the tiredness.

– Written by Marcello and Marc –

Study Trip Chicago day 4

Today the group started the day off with some nice cereal and bagels, much like every other day.. After the breakfast, we all headed downtown towards Millenial Park to admire Cloud Gate for the first time. Cloud gate is a sculpture of 10 by 20 by 13 m with an exterior of polished stainless steel.

After some delay due to Gert-Jan forgetting his transportation card, we made it there. After walking around in the park for a little while, the group split up. Some people went along the shoreline and headed to Navy Pier, whilst some went into the city centre to shop for a couple of hours.

At 15.00 we all met at the Cloud Gate again to head towards a surprise activity! When the metro stopped at a stop on Goose Island, most people had an idea of what activity it was.. The surprise was a tour and tasting in the Goose Island brewhouse! The group was split into two, one was at 16.00 and one was at 17.00. From the exiting first group, it appeared that the samplers were very generous, especially the girls were having a bit too much fun. When Youri asked: “can we take off our bril?” it was clear that we all had enough to drink.

After the tour, we hung out at the brewhouse a little longer to taste just a couple more beers, after which we headed towards Lou Manati’s for some deep dish pizza. Unfortunately, when we arrived it appeared our reservation was forgotten and we had to opt for take-away. The idea of eating our pizza at the beach with a view of fireworks at the pier sounded very good. But we soon found out why Chicago is also known as the windy city. It felt as if the temperature dropped with about 20 degrees and we all sat next to each other to keep warm. Also, the firework show was at 22.30 instead of 21.00. We headed back to the hostel before the show, since we were all freezing. Most of the group went out in the neighbourhood around the hostel and some people chose to head to bed early.

Xoxo Jantje and Marc

Study Trip Chicago day 3

After another night of jetleg where almost everyone woke up quite early once more, at 8:30 we set out for Baumann Consulting. On the way there, Ola harassed some random dude by splashing water on him for no reason. At arrival at the Clark/Lake stop we went to the Baumann Office at the 16th floor, the Vertigo Elevators could learn something about efficiency and speed from those elevators.

Kelly Adighije from Baumann welcomed and offered us our 2nd breakfast, which we ate out of politeness. Afterwards the president of the company Oliver Baumann gave an introduction about the company and the history of how a German engineer ended up in Chicago. Then, the webinar started, where Arjan and Rambo presented their master projects. In total, about 100 people tuned in for this.

After the questions rounds following these presentations, the interview about WELLS certificates was done, which they allready prepared very “WELL”.

Following some small talk (where they mentioned that it is also possible for us to do an internship there) the contacts were presented with a Dutch present as a thanks for their time and help.

At around 12 ‘o clock we bid our farewells. We would like to thank Baumann Consultants for their hospitality. Afterwards we headed to spend some free time.

During the free time the group divided themselves. One group went to the Google Office, another had an interview at Threshold Acoustics for their article and the rest headed to the Pier.

At 4 ‘o clock the group gathered at the John Hancock tower and headed to the 360° Observation deck, which was a $17 elevator ride to the 95th floor. For an additional $8 you could make use of the TILT attraction. In sum, a $25 view of the city.

Marjolijn stayed at the ground floor to make sure the building didn’t tip over. After some leisure time at the deck we headed out to get some dinner.

In the evening, we went to the AMC Theatres to check out the latest Avengers movie, which was mindblowingly awesome. The good guys were fighting the bad guys, the Mollier members were fighting sleepiness. You know, the usual.

The train trip back to the hostel afterwards was filled with delays and weird folk. Also here a lot of people were checking the inside of their eyes. With this the 3rd day ended at 1:30 am.

– Written by Don and Gert-Jan –

Study Trip Chicago day 2

Due to the jet lag, the day starts pretty early for most of us. Meghana sat for almost 2 hours in the hallway waiting for somebody to join her ‘Jet Lag Committee members’, with not much success unfortunately. Her Snapchat stories are pretty funny, though. Around 6 everyone is already awake, wandering around the hostel, trying to find a free toilet or a free shower, mission impossible apparently. Some people succeeded, telling the stories of their fulfilled mission to the next generations.

After breakfast, that consists of bagels, sugar-cereals, milk and a lot of coffee, we are ready to go.

Our first visit is at the IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology) and the first appointment of the day is with Brent Stephens, professor of Architectural Engineering, who presented the university, his work and the PhDs he’s working with, who also presented their projects.

The presentations were very informative, Haoran Zhao talked us about outdoor pollutant transport into buildings, Torkan Fazli was speaking about energy models, Dan Zhao his presentation was about microbiological growth on building materials and Akram Ali showed us the way for an open source environmental sensors.

The next presentation was  about a kind of VIRTUe but for Chicago, called Illinois Tech DOE. This project will be situated north of the campus, next to the train rails. The project was technologically very ambitious.

The day continues with a small tour in the architectural engineering department, where they showed us the supersonic wind tunnel where Flash was trained.

After lunch we are invited to visit the Wanger center. Here they showed us the way the electricity was distributed through the many buildings on the campus. They also have a wind mill, however this was more for show and educational purposes than for actual electricity delivering.

Afterwards, we got the chance to have an insight of the history of the University, especially regarding the architect who most influenced its design, Mies van der Rohe, and made a tour of the campus through the buildings he designed. The tour was long and very fulfilling in our needs for information about architecture. We then decided to go downtown for a drink and had a walk through the main avenues of the city.

Some people went back to the hostel, enjoyed some pool (with an overwhelming victory of the Italian team) and went for dinner in a nice place not far from there. The chicken wings were so spicy that our super strong guys could barely handle it.

The rest of the group stayed in the city center enjoying some beers at a bar with a special ambiance.

It’s just 11pm but most of us still feel the jet lag. Time to go to bed and sleep and rise up and shine when the alarm will sound at 7:30 the next day!

– Written by Bram & Daria –

Study Trip Chicago day 1

Wednesday morning, around 6 AM, most of the group took the train to Schiphol at Eindhoven Station. At Schiphol at half past seven, we gathered at the red-and-white meeting point and we were complete. After taking a group photo (see picture) with the banner, the trip could start for real!
The security checks went well and with time to spare we arrived at our gate. Unfortunately the flight had some delay before the take off due to the maintenance of the ventilation system that had to be performed, using duct tape. Under the observative eye of all the passengers, the ventilation system got fixed by a mechanic and we were ready to take off. Sleeping was very difficult due to, among others, high sound level of the plane (80 dB measured by a phone), but all in all we had a good flight and our luggage arrived as well.
On the airport in Chicago, the travel cards were arranged and we could continue to our hostel by Metro. After settling in, we explored the neighbourhood, showered and played games before sitting down for dinner with the whole group.
The evening was spent in a relaxed atmosphere, with some drinks and pleasant talks. We went to bed relatively early to get ready for the first University visit tomorrow.
-written by Aleksandra and Arjan-

Recap: Lunch Lecture #6

On the fourth of April, Jeroen Houben from Nelissen presented its company in a lunch lecture. In this lecture, he talked about different projects Nelissen are and were working on. One of these projects was a school, of which the temperature regulation was done by water from the river Maas.

We would like to thank Jeroen Houben and Nelissen for its time and interesting presentation!

Recap: Richard’s Bowling Night

On the 22nd of March, Mollier organized a bowling night at Megabowling Woensel.  Some new bowling records were set, while some people’s scores hit an all-time low. It was a night full of laughter, frustration and a lot of ‘gezelligheid’. After the bowling night, most of our members went to Stratum for a drink.

We all hope the members had a great time and hopefully we see all of you at our next activity!

Recap: Lunch Lecture #5

On the 14th of March, Bas Peeters and Rik Maaijen from Royal HaskoningDHV and Dennis van Goch from BAM visited us to provide us with a lunch lecture.

The representatives of Royal HaskoningDHV were presenting the possibilities of working at their company. They have an interesting ‘Young Professional Program’, in order to learn new employees soft skills such as personal branding, project management and selling techniques. Also, some distinctive projects where highlighted, such as the new Booking-campus Office building, where there were some acoustical challenges and discussions about the design of the building versus the thermal comfort. Another project of Royal HaskoningDHV is the cost optimality of Schiphol Airport, where there should be a balance of the sustainability and the business case.

The presentation of Dennis van Goch, the representative of BAM, was about smart energy management. A big project BAM has, is called ‘REnnovates’, which has a lot to do with smart energy. This project is an extension of ‘De Stroomversnelling’, a project where 111,000 residences are renovated in order to be classified as ‘nul-op-de-meter’. However, a challenge for this is the inequality of the energy demand and the energy generation. BAM says the solution will have to be found on a district-scale, not on individual housing scale.

We would like to thank Bas, Rik and Dennis for providing the lunch lecture.

The presentations of Royal HaskoningDHV and BAM can be viewed below:
20180314_Lunch Lecture #5 company RHDHV

20180314_Lunch Lecture #5 company BAM

Recap: Meet and Greet

Last week, on the 28th of February, our annual Meet and Greet took place. The Meet and Greet is very important to us, as Mollier tries to form a bridge between companies and students. We are therefore proud to say that 15 of our sponsors were present. This high amount of attending companies shows the good relationship between the companies and Mollier and that a lot of companies are interested in students from the Master ‘Building Physics and Services’.

The event started with an introduction by Gert-Jan, followed by pitches of the attending companies. Our main sponsors started the pitch session, followed by our other sponsors. Each pitch provided a good and quick overview of what the company does and what they are looking for. In the beginning, around 25 students (both national and international) were present. The pitches took around one hour and afterwards there was time to network. In total around 40 students attended the Meet and Greet, which we think was a great attendance.

We would like to thank our sponsors, for making time to network with us, and also the Meet and Greet committee that put a lot of hard work in making this day possible.

We are happy and proud of how the Meet and Greet 2018 turned out, and we hope to see all companies again next year!