Day 13

By Stefan and Silvie, After a short sleep, we felt it was necessary to sleep as

Day 12

By Riccardo and Joshua, After many days of getting up early, we have a day that

Day 11

By Gerton & Wies. The alarm rang also this time early for making sure we could

Day 10

By Hanneke and Babette Due to privacy, the names in this article are censored. This article

Day 9

By Stijn and Wouter K During sunset all participants are resting peacefully on one ear. So

Day 8

By Kay and Giel The day started with a nice breakfast, including the Brazilian fruit Papaya,

Day 7

By: Daan & Lara While the Caipirinha taste was still in our mouths from the evening

Day 6

By Tom and Lennert It’s nine o’clock in the morning, everyone is enjoying breakfast. But it’s

Day 5

By Silke and Michiel, After a short night we started the favela with one man down.

Day 4

By Wouter & Robert Today on the program “surprise activity” although, because of the rainy  weather